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Thank you all, the last Ziva/Blade litter have all gone to fantastic homes. Next puppies will be in 2017 with Tessa. There are some reservation slots available. Price: $2,300 for male and $1,500 for female. A $300 deposit is required to place you on our reservation list. Puppies are sold with AKC limited registration and health guarantee. Puppy contract is required.


Our Goal

Our goal in breeding is to provide the perfect family pet. We strive for quality, not quantity. Our dogs are family. Our dogs live with us and other than crate training as a youngster, do not spend time in a kennel. We believe that it is possible to breed a dog who will be large, gentle, protective, athletic, and healthy. Our puppies are intelligent and trainable. They go on to become service dogs, therapy dogs, compete in agility, achieve obedience titles, etc.


Rosehall’s Silver Ziva of Royalair

Ziva is a black and silver German shepherd we co-own with Robin Krumm of Royalair Shepherds. Ziva is DM N/N, MDR1 N/N, OFA normal, and carries no coat factor. She produced short-coat puppies in white and black/silver, most of them with Royalair’s Silver Blade. The combination produced puppies with the most amazing temperament and we hope that their offspring will continue to pass that along to future generations. She is 28-1/2” tall and just over 100 pounds.






Ziva’s pedigree


Ziva has officially retired.


Royalair’s Tessa of Plantation House

Tessa is an AKC black and silver who is starting to show a bit more cream. She is a Ziva/Blade (Royalair’s Silver Blade) daughter who should make her debut in 2017. Tessa is DM N/N, MDR1 N/N, Hyperuricosuria N/N, carries no coat factor, and will have her preliminary OFAs done in a few months. She does carry the white gene, so depending upon the mate we choose for her we should be able to expect black and silver, black and cream, and white. At 7 months she is 26” tall at the shoulder and I have no clue what she weighs. I will update the weight when we do OFAs.




Tessa’s Pedigree




Royalair’s Ruger of Plantation House


Ruger is an AKC black and silver. He is a Ziva/Blade (Royalair’s Silver Blade) son. Ruger is DM N/N, MDR1 N/N. He does carry coat factor, so depending upon the female could produce plush coat puppies. He also carries white, so again, depending upon the female could produce white puppies.   



We are a proud supporter of Soldier ON Service Dogs. We will be cheering on a pup from the last Ziva/Blade litter named Piper as she begins her journey through training to help a veteran.



If you have any questions, you can reach me at:

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